30 Oct 2018
damaged shingles and soil pipe

In general, a properly installed roof is one of the most
reliable and durable parts of a house, but without the right care and
maintenance, any type of roof can fail. Here are the 5 most common reasons it
could happen to you:

Substandard Installation

A modern roof is a highly engineered construction. Every
component, from the underlayment, to the beginning course of shingles, all the
way down to the number of nails used, has been thoroughly researched and tested
to meet quality standards set forth by the National Residential Building
Construction Code. A reputable roofing contractor makes a commitment to follow
all national construction standards and state code regulations when installing
a new roof.

A lack of follow through with these standards leads to leaks,
missing shingles, and an overall deterioration of the entire roofing system
causing it to fail prematurely.

Lack of Flashing

Some contractors will try to avoid the expense and the labor
of including metal or plastic flashing on their roof installations. However, it
is an essential element in a roof designed to last for two decades or more.
Flashing is necessary to enhance the waterproof seal around roof penetrations,
such as chimneys, soil pipes, vents, walls, and skylights.

Use of Mismatched Materials

Aside from the aesthetic aspects of mismatched shingles,
metal, or tiles, certain materials like copper and iron can actually lead to
significantly faster deterioration of your roof.  Mismatching will also void a valuable
manufacturer’s warranty.

Third Party Damage

The use of a third-party vendors opens up an entire world of
problems. This vendor could be a satellite or cable provider, or a contractor
who installs additional skylights or venting. Before installing a new roof,
decide on all the options and accessories that you would like to have to save
both time and money in the future. Other professional services that we recommend
proceeding with caution would include gutter cleaning and installing holiday

No Preventative Maintenance

Often, homeowners are reluctant to follow up on simple
preventative maintenance measures. Don’t make this mistake. Keep organic debris,
such as leaves or sticks, from piling up and have your roof inspected annually
by an experienced roofing professional, someone trained to look for potential

Local, Professional Help

For more information on the roof replacement solutions available to you, contact the professionals at GoTo Roofing. With over thirty years combined experience in the roofing industry, our team has the experience and training needed to keep your home in top condition for years to come.