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We are experienced, local professionals providing roofing services to Washtenaw County and its surrounding areas. At GoTo Roofing, we know Michigan winters and we know roofs (and gutters, and siding, and more)!

We provide whole-project, onsite supervision, not just drop-by checkups. You’ll get to know us as we take care of your home through every step of the replacement process. We check in with your neighbors to inform them that we will be working on your home or business. When we’ve completed the job, we leave the surroundings as clean, or cleaner, than when we found it.

We use quality, guaranteed, American-made materials. We confidently stand by our products so you can confidently live under them! To learn more about GoTo Roofing or to see examples of our work, be sure to check out our Blog or Gallery of past projects!

Roof Replacement

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Your roof is the first line of defense between your family and the elements. Whether you’re looking for simple functionality or attention-grabbing visual impact, we’ll help you choose the materials that offer the right protection, right look, and the right price to suit your needs.

Roof Repairs

Weather happens. Winds gust. Rains rage. Trees fall. When your roof is damaged, whatever the cause, GoTo Roofing is your “go to” source for prompt, thorough, guaranteed repairs.

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Attic Ventilation and Insulation

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There’s more to your roof than what you can see on the outside…what’s on the inside matters, too! For a roofing system to work well there must be a balance between ventilation and insulation. This balance maximizes the roof’s life, minimizes heating and cooling costs, and ensures your comfort and health year-round. GoTo Roofing is your “go to” source for high quality attic ventilation and insulation solutions.


When it comes to protecting your home or business from the elements, roofs are only part of the picture! Siding is often a critical element, offering protection, visual appeal, and increased value.

Call us to learn about the siding options that fit your needs, taste, and budget! Of course, our 100% Price Match Guarantee applies to all quotes!

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The right windows not only add beauty to your home, inside and out, they are crucial for proper function and protection of your investment—from reducing heating and cooling costs, to curb appeal. Our name might be GoTo Roofing, but our services don’t end there, we also know windows and window installation!


Gutters matter. Well-designed and properly installed gutters help protect your home—roof to foundation and everything in between—from costly water, mold, and ice damage. Whether you need new gutters as part of your roof repair, roof replacement, or as a separate project, GoTo Roofing is your “go to” source for quality materials, workmanship, and service.


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And remember, our 100% Price Match Guarantee applies to all quotes!

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