Don't Find Yourself with a Leaky Roof this Winter

Don’t Find Yourself with a Leaky Roof this Winter

As you do your routine maintenance this month (cleaning gutters, removing leaf and twig debris, cutting back trees overhanging your roof), look for any signs that you may need roof repairs or a new roof. Here are some winter warning signs that should prompt you to contact GoTo Roofing for a free, professional inspection. Then we can help you determine the solution that’s right for you.
Winter Warning Signs

  • Granules, streaks, soft spots, protruding nails, lifted shingles. A lot of granules in your gutters and at the bottom of downspouts is a sign of shingle failure. Other clues include black streaks on your roof, spongy areas (indicating rotting wood underneath), nails sticking up, and shingles that are no longer laying flat. When a roof needs repair or replacement, the longer you wait, the more it costs.
  • Shrinking shingles and sagging gutters. Shingles shrink with age. Also, the ties connecting your gutters to your house can deteriorate and no longer hold the gutters firmly in place. Both issues mean the water at the edge of the roof doesn’t transfer properly to the gutter and, instead, rots the surrounding wood.
  • Flashing. Your home should be well sealed. On the roof, this means that all flashing—protective strips at the edge of the roof, around vents, pipes, chimneys and skylights, and between your roof and your siding—is properly installed and undamaged. This is a key source of hidden leaks that rot your roof. An inspection now by the professionals at GoTo Roofing can save you money and headaches.
  • Attic ventilation and insulation. Proper attic ventilation and insulation work together to protect your home. The goal is for your attic to be dry, and for its temperature to be close to the outside air temperature. In the winter, this prevents condensation from damaging the wood of your roof. (In the summer, it prevents high attic heat from damaging shingles, shortening their life by as much as 50%.) This means that your kitchen and bathrooms must be vented directly outside and not into the attic, that the attic itself is properly vented to the outside, and, of course, that all vents must be free and clear of blockages. Improper ventilation and insulation can even void the warranty on your shingles and cause insurance claims to be denied. This is an important part of GoTo Roofing’s free inspection.

Keeping your roof in good shape throughout the year is like changing the oil in your car regularly. It makes your roof last longer, and it’s less expensive and easier than dealing with the big problems that can occur if you don’t do it!
Call GoTo Roofing today for a free inspection of your roof, attic, siding, windows, and doors so that you can be ready for whatever this Michigan winter brings your way.

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