Good to Go for Decades to Come!

From Student Housing to Hospital to Apartment House

The GoTo Roofing team recently replaced 100 years of roofing on this Ann Arbor historic home. Built in 1901, the house at 419 N. State Street was originally one of seven student boarding houses owned and operated by local businesswoman Ellen Morse. In 1911, Miss Morse donated the house to its across-the-street neighbor, St. Thomas Church, to serve as the first home of what would become St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. “Surgeons operated on the first floor, then carried their patients up the stairs to their rooms above,” according to a hospital history. “In its first year, 243 patients were admitted.”[1]

What does one hundred years of roofing look like in Ann Arbor? A layer of wooden “cedar shake” tiles was covered by four more layers of asphalt shingles in a variety of colors. The GoTo Roofing team removed it all, and replaced it with the handsome gray roofing shown here.
Good to go for decades to come!
GoTo Roofing offers services in roof repair, roof replacement, and roof maintenance for Ann Arbor historic home!
For more information on the history of 419 N. State Street, visit the St. Joseph Mercy website.

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