Financing Your Roof Repair or Replacement: Don’t Let Cost Scare You

OK, we admit it. Paying for a new roof is not most people’s idea of having a good time. At GoTo Roofing, we like our work. But we know from experience that most folks would rather be doing something other than having their roof replaced.
But we also know from experience that putting off a roof repair or replacement is a bad idea. It’s like putting off dental work only to end up needing a root canal!
Paying for a new roof is the biggest fear factor people face. Many  simply don’t have the cash reserves to fund a roof replacement directly. Don’t let the fact that you don’t think you can pay keep you from calling GoTo Roofing to evaluate your roof.

There are two big reasons not to procrastinate.

First, your roof is too important to ignore. The longer you delay a roof repair, the worse things are going to get underneath it. A leaky roof can lead to rotting. A poorly ventilated attic can lead to mold and health problems. Sometimes the fix is simple, but putting it off is only going to cause more pain and more expense.
Second, we can help you figure out a way that you can afford to pay. One customer came to us planning to borrow $5800 against his retirement to replace his roof. But it was going to cost him $2000 to do that! We were able to get him a fixed interest rate loan for a total interest cost of $800 spread over three years. A good roofing company has the financial knowledge, stability, and relationships with local and national financial institutions to help. GoTo Roofing has all three, plus short-term, in-house finance options.
We’ve never had to turn someone away because we couldn’t find a way to fit their budget to get an immediate need taken care of.

Plan Ahead to Fix and Finance

Every fall, customers call GoTo Roofing needing an urgent repair of a roof problem they’ve known about or suspected for months. Even though you’re not going to get a new roof right now (it’s February, after all!), why procrastinate like everyone else? Think ahead and avoid the risk of not being able to schedule the repairs or replacement you need with a company you trust. GoTo Roofing is ready to help you plan and finance your roof repair or replacement.
Avoid the root canal experience! Call GoTo Roofing today for a free evaluation consultation.

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