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Do You Know What to Look For When Buying a Home?

Spring is prime home buying time! If you are in the market for a new home, you want to ensure that the house you buy is structurally safe and that no unforeseen surprises or costs arise in the future. Many people aren’t entirely sure what warning signs to look for when buying a home. As your local roofing experts, we’re here to tell you exactly what to look for when it comes to the roof.

Roof Inspections

It is always recommended, and sometimes required, that the home you are considering is inspected by a licensed professional. During this inspection, all aspects of the home will be examined and reported on for safety and functionality. If the home inspector identifies areas of concern they will often advise home buyers to seek an expert opinion. This way, the most critical parts of the home, like the roof, are thoroughly assessed and any issues can be addressed with the current owner before the sale is complete.

During roof inspections, there are several things we look for – some of which are higher priority items, including:

  • Warped, cracked, or lifted shingles.
  • Granule loss, which can be seen in the gutters and downspouts.
  • Algae or black streaks forming on the roof.
  • Noticeable sagging or dips in the roof, which could be related to rotting wood or water damage.
  • Water stains on the interior of the home.
  • Signs of moisture in the attic.
  • The quality of airflow and proper ventilation.

These items help us gauge the condition of the roof, whether or not it’s structurally sound, and how much longer it will hold in its current state. Above all else, the most important thing when it comes to your roof is that it protects your home and the ones living inside. A structurally sound roof is critical to the overall safety and integrity of a home.

Roof Replacement

One of the most common questions we’re asked is when to replace your roof. The short and simple answer is anywhere between 15 and 20 years. However, it usually isn’t that simple as there’s quite a bit to consider. For example, the type of shingles you have and how the roof was installed are two key factors that dictate when your roof might need replacing.

We’ve seen some older homes with 50 year old shingles still going strong. This is back when shingles were made completely of asphalt and were heavier in weight, making them much more durable. But this really isn’t the standard anymore. Modern roofs, even roofs installed in the last 20-30 years, aren’t constructed the same, although still very durable. So again, depending on the materials and techniques used to construct your roof, you could be looking at a replacement as soon as 10 years from now or 20 years from now. Or, following an inspection, you may need to replace your roof as quickly as possible.

When working with a professional roofing company for your inspection, make sure you’re working with someone you trust. You don’t have time or money to waste when it comes to your home. More importantly, you should feel confident during the home buying process. If your initial home inspection comes back requiring further inspection on the roof, or if you’d just like to hire a professional roofing company for your inspection, give us a call. The inspection fee will go towards the expense of any work that needs to be done should you decide to move forward with us.

When you work with us for an inspection, roof replacement, or any other job, we guarantee quality in both our expertise and craftsmanship. We won’t waste your time, and we won’t tell you to spend money on something you don’t need to. We’ll give it to you straight.

We hope you learned something from today’s post, and as always, don’t hesitate to reach out for more information! Stay tuned for future posts. If there’s anything you’d like us to talk about, let us know! We’re your go-to source for all things roofing, so if you have a question we haven’t answered, tell us and we’ll be sure to talk about it.