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There is more to your roof than what meets the eye…what is on the inside matters, too! For a roofing system to work well, there must be a balance between ventilation and insulation. This balance maximizes the roof’s life, minimizes heating and cooling costs, and ensures your comfort and health year-round. GoTo Roofing is your “go-to” source for high-quality attic ventilation and insulation solutions in Ann Arbor and surrounding areas.

  • Static vents cover holes that are cut into the roof that allow air movement to take place. The number of vents needed is dependent on the square footage of the attic space. Examples of static vents include box vents, baffle vents, turbines, and solar or electric powered vents.
  • Ridge vents run along the peak of a roof. When used in combination with intake vents that sit at the roof line (like a soffit vent), cold air enters the attic through the bottom and exits through the ridge vent.
  • Gable vents are inserted in the ends of the attic and can be used in conjunction with other kinds of vents.
  • Soffit vents are intake vents that are installed at the roof line, under the overhang. Soffit vents can be intermittent or continuous.
Roofing Company Ann Arbor MI
Roofing Company Ann Arbor MI
Roofing Company Ann Arbor MI
Roofing Company Ann Arbor MI


Roofing Company Ann Arbor MI

Home insulation is crucial for efficient heating and cooling. If your home is sufficiently insulated, it is working together with your attic ventilation system to keep your energy costs down. Using an adequate amount of insulation, along with properly placing it within the attic space, prevents unnecessary venting of the heated and cooled air that keeps your home comfortable.  Your insulation will keep the conditioned air in your living space, where it belongs while your ventilation system will circulate only the attic air and make sure that it is properly vented along with unwanted moisture or excess summer heat.


How long has it been since a professional has looked at your insulation? Many existing homes have several layers of insulation that have broken down over time. Along with improper ventilation, things like old age, severe weather, and pests can degrade insulation material, rendering it less effective. Failure to replace your insulation will ultimately lead to greater energy usage within your home. If you are unsure of the condition of your insulation, give us a call! We can inspect your home’s insulation and provide you with a free, honest assessment. We only recommend adding or replacing insulation if we are confident it will improve the efficiency of your home as well as save you money.


  • Poor indoor air quality during warmer months due to stale air in the attic space.
  • Overburdened HVAC systems are forced to work harder.
  • Extra moisture and humidity in the attic space.
  • Ice dam formation in the winter months that will damage your roof materials.
  • Deterioration of roof decking, underlayment, and shingles.
  • Decreased roof life expectancy.

Maintaining your Roof Ventilation System

Your roof ventilation system should be inspected along with your roof at least every few years. Inspect vents for cracked, loose, or broken components. Look for anything that may be blocking the vents, such as leaves and other debris. It is also a good idea to inspect the inside of the attic, insulation, and roof decking for damage from moisture. Having your roof’s ventilation system checked ensures it is operating well and maintaining good air quality within your home.

For help with your roof’s ventilation, insulation, maintenance, or repair contact the experienced team at GoTo Roofing! As Ann Arbor’s leading roofing contractor, we will make sure your home’s ventilation and insulation are in prime condition in no time!

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