Reality Check: Avoid Gimmicky Roofing Advertising

Spring is coming! That means ads for roofing replacement services are coming, too!

After a Michigan winter with lots of snow, a lot of roofs need repair or replacement and, naturally, we roofers want to be the one to get your business.
So, it’s time for a pre-emptive reality check about advertising claims. Some roofing companies make promises—or even demands—that ought to trigger your “buyer beware” alarm. What types of claims ought to raise your “buyer beware” antenna? There are two basic categories: unrealistic discounts, and high-pressure tactics for a quick decision.

Unrealistic Discounts

Unrealistic discounts come in many variations. Let’s look at a few.
60% off list price! Double anyone else’s coupon! $2000 off!… This type of discount might be real for a retailer getting rid of excess stock at the end of a season, such as Christmas decorations in January, winter clothing in March, or new cars at the end of a model year—but not for roof replacements.
Roofers buy shingles for your specific roof, based on your specific needs and preferences. Sure, we may buy ahead for very popular shingle types, but we don’t stockpile them and then try to unload them cheap to make room for the latest new style. If someone offers an unrealistic discount on roof repair, check their offer against GoTo Roofing’s prices to see if the “list” price being discounted is inflated.
Zero percent interest for 5 years. Similarly, if someone offers long-term, zero percent financing, you should wonder if the purchase they’re financing is overpriced to begin with. How else could they afford to lend you their money for free?
Buy one, get one free. Whether it’s “Buy one shingle, get one free,” or “Buy two windows, get one free,” the same discount caveat applies. It’s hard for a company to stay in business offering unrealistic discounts unless they inflate the original price. As a customer, a little caution goes a long way.

High Pressure Time Limits

One roofer we know of in another state places newspaper ads offering huge discounts—but they’re only valid during their initial visit to your home. Why would their price go up the moment they drive away? Probably because they are overpriced and don’t want you to figure that out.
Of course, it’s fine for you to make a decision on a vendor’s first visit—if you’ve done your homework first! Make sure it’s your needs that are being met, not the roof salesman’s sales quotas.

“Exclusive” Claims

If a company claims to be the only one offering a particular product or service, verify it. One Michigan roofer claims to be the only one offering Scotchgard® shingles, but GoTo Roofing offers them, too, so obviously that’s false.  According to 3M®’s website, that company isn’t even listed as a vendor! Another claims to be selling shingles produced in Michigan…there aren’t any shingle manufacturers in Michigan!

What GoTo Roofing Offers

GoTo Roofing offers a variety of products, brands, styles, and price ranges. We walk you through a simple questionnaire on our first visit so we can offer you options based on your needs, budget, and preferences.
Of course, GoTo Roofing does offer sales, from time to time, as a purchasing incentive. But they are true sales—realistic discounts off our regular price, not misleading discounts off inflated prices. Plus, we advertise clearly, in advance, when the sale will end. There’s no high pressure to “buy today or lose the discount.” We are known for the high quality work of work that we do. We provide “a roof to last. Service to remember.
Contact GoTo Roofing today for a free inspection and estimate for your roof repair or replacement!

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