Roof Damage: Spring Warning Signs

Spring weather has finally arrived in Southeast Michigan! It’s time to check your home for the warning signs of roof damage that may have begun over the winter.
What should you look for? GoTo Roofing’s Scott Guthre says, “Lifted shingles, lots of granules, and soft areas are your roof’s way of saying, ‘Get some repair!’” If you have all three symptoms, you may be nearing the time for a full roof replacement.

Lifted shingles

Clogged gutters can prevent runoff from leaving your roof, causing it to back up under shingles. This can  lead to the creation of “ice dams” that can lead to serious roof damage. Two tell-tale signs are easy to spot: lifted shingles and nails sticking up. These may even be visible from the ground. Call a local, professional roofer to assess your need for roof repair or replacement.

Soft areas on roof 

Another warning sign is soft areas on your roof—that is, sections, large or small, where the surface feels spongy when you walk on it. Even if the shingles themselves look fine, this is evidence of  damage (rot) to the plywood layer underneath. Call a local, professional roofer for an inspection right away.

Granules in the downspouts

Asphalt roof shingles are covered with small rock granules and are what give the shingles their color. These granules break up the flow of water and begin to wear wash away over time. As a result, these shingles are no longer protecting your home as effectively as they once did. The waterproof underlayer of asphalt that the granules adhere to is black when new.
It’s normal for a new roof to lose a fair number of loose granules the first year. Weathering causes a continued gradual loss in subsequent years. Tree branches and extended hailstorms are particular culprits in loosening the granules.
If you see a lot of these granules coming out of your downspouts, and black streaks coming down your roof, your roof could be nearing time for replacement. Call a local professional roofer for a thorough assessment. (If there’s not a heavy flow of granules, everything on your roof seems to be laying flat, and you have no leaks in your house, wait and check again next season.)
Speaking of inspections, reputable professional roofers offer free, no commitment inspections. Be ready to answer a few questions, such as what other symptoms you may have noticed (water stains on interior ceiling or walls, for instance) and how old the roof is. The need for a new roof is often a surprise, so choose a roofer who not only has a reputation for quality products and service, but who also offers financing options!

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