Siding Done Right

What does it take to do a siding project well? A problem-solving mindset and attention to detail.

That’s what it took to bring this centennial farm home in Dexter, Michigan, back to its former glory. A fire that burned the detached garage to the ground also melted the foam-filled siding on the back half of the house!
And it took a team of highly experienced craftsmen—the professionals at GoTo Roofing—to handle the job’s special challenges with the expertise and care that the home required.

Challenges With Older Homes

The first challenge appeared when the team began removing the melted siding and discovered a layer of asbestos shingles underneath. To ensure everything was safe, they had to remove and replace the siding for the entire house.
GoTo Roofing owner partner, Scott Guthre, said his team didn’t skip a beat. “You have to be a problem solver!” he said. “With a house like this, there are a lot of things you find out along the way. First you have to make sure it’s structurally sound. Then we can make everything straight. Especially with the siding, it means shimming underneath and a lot of intricate cuts. Everything has to be measured and done custom to each particular spot.”
For example, in a house over a hundred years old—this one was built in 1874—everything is not symmetrical. Each window, door and post can be unique. Looking at one of the windows, Scott explained: “Just because the one below it was 33 and a quarter inches doesn’t mean the one above it is 33 and a quarter. We’re dealing with some things that might be out of square from over a hundred years ago.”
Another important decision was to protect the roof by adding gutters. “It doesn’t have to have gutters, because it didn’t have them a long time ago,” said Scott. “But then the water would crash down on the roof below and that would cause premature deterioration of your shingles.”

Professionalism is our Goal

GoTo Roofing’s team is made up of craftsmen with an appreciation for the character of a home. During previous repairs, some of the decorative wood trim was covered over. The current owners opted to preserve this historic flavor. “I’m glad the homeowners decided to keep some of the decorative mill work,” said Scott. “To highlight it, we took special care as we trimmed out the siding. It makes for a handsome background that makes the wood stand out.”
During the siding replacement, the impression driving up to the house is of professionals focused on excellence. “We don’t want to have a bunch of rickety ladders in our customers’ yards,” Scott said. “We use high-end, professional equipment like this Pole Jack,” pointing to the high-tech scaffolding and safety nets. “It makes a very stable platform that you can work on all the way up the house and get everything done in a nice, safe manner.”

The final results are striking! The once yellow house is now a stately gray with crisp white trim, including new shutters and gutters—the kind you might see on the cover of an architectural magazine. If your home needs an exterior transformation—siding, roofing, gutters or windows—the GoTo Roofing team is just the one to do the job!

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