11 Jun 2019

“After the wind storm last spring, combined with an almost 20 year-old roof, we needed a whole new roof put on our house. We met with many companies as we tried to find someone that could provide us with a quality shingle who was also professional. We met with some pretty terrible people/companies during the search, so we were relieved when we stumbled across Scott and his company! Scott was able to get us a shingle that he doesn’t normally carry, which we were thrilled about. His crew came on time…dressed and acted extremely professional…We noticed, unlike many other companies, that even the dumpster and work vehicles were all marked with the company logo. His crew also wore the company logo, as well. We never saw this with any other company in our neighborhood this past year. Our roof looks fantastic…I would definitely recommend Scott and GoTo Roofing to anyone looking for a small repair or complete overhaul of their roof!!!”