Eirik Vitso

After getting many other estimates from other “major” roofing companies in our area, we ultimately decided to go with GoTo Roofing for our complete roof replacement and repairing and upgrading our attic ventilation.

Our house has larger eaves (soffits) and a low slope. We previously had leaks and knew that the roof need to be replaced due to its age and condition. When we had an insulation company come blow in more insulation, we learned that the previous owners have covered the soffits and gable vents, so our old roof had literally no ventilation.

Knowing all of this, we provided this information to all of the contractors we reached out to for estimates. GoTo Roofing was the only company willing to do the extra work to properly ventilate our roof. This meant cutting open all the soffits, installing baffles and adding box vents instead of ridge vents. Every other contractor was more interested in offering a 1-Day Guarantee and would not entertain opening the soffits (which our roof was designed to have). Personally, I wanted it done right…not fast.

After meeting with all these different roofing companies, I called GoTo Roofing to come out for a second visit to further discuss their process and what I would be getting if we hired them. They answered all my questions with great honesty and knowledge. Originally when I got my estimate, we had planned on replacing our gutters as well, but when I mentioned we were planning on replacing our siding and windows in the near future, GoTo Roofing recommended that we keep our current gutters and wait to replace them when we do the siding and windows. They recommended this because the gutters would have to be taken off to replace the siding anyways. Not sure many companies would be that honest.

On installation day, they arrived when they said they would and set-up/work began immediately. By mid morning they were removing the lower sheets of roof decking so they could open up all the soffits. At this point they noticed a good amount of mold on the underside of the roof decking. We knew this was a possibility due to our previous ventilation issues. Upon further inspection, they realized that the best course of action was to replace all the decking on our upper roof. Before doing so, they met with me, showed me photos of the moldy decking and we discussed the issue at hand. I agreed we had to replace all the decking and work continued. Doing this added a significant amount of time an effort to the job, but they were willing to do it because it was the right thing to do. They also discovered that our bathroom vents were venting into the attic and not out the roof (compounding the mold issue). They addressed this as well and fixed it so that the bathroom fans vented out the roof.

All in all, I couldn’t be happier with the service, installation process, communication, attention to detail and overall product that we received. They paid attention to all the details, found some issues and fixed them and made sure we were happy along the whole process. I would highly recommend GoTo Roofing for your roofing needs.

Eirik Vitso
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