Jon Ricchiuti

I think this is my second review ever. These guys made enough of an impression for me to write up some nice words about them.

We’ve had terrible experiences with contractors, so we’ve become extremely picky. My childhood friend jokes that I’ve never met one I like. Truth in humor.

We had two quotes for the work; which included a new garage roof and gable feature installation. One of the companies wouldn’t even quote the gable feature portion of the installation because it was rather involved. In fact, nobody had been been able to perform that job until Go To Roofing. Needless to say, the other company wasn’t considered for the work.

Please note that we already had the gable features on hand. As far as I know, Go To doesn’t provide them.

Go To provided a quote and contract. We had some issues with the contract. First, we didn’t want premium materials for the garage roof. We just wanted bare minimum since the roof was leaking and we plan to replace the entire garage eventually. Next, there was some wording in the fine print I didn’t agree with regarding liability for damage to property. The rep was embarrassed about that wording and said it had been removed some time ago. He wasn’t sure why that wording was in my version of the contract. Within a day, we had a new quote that corrected all of the issues. The price was right, so they got the contract.

Regarding the actual work, it was phenomenal. They put down tarps on both sides of the garage to collect all the debris. Once the tearoff was done, one of the guys branched off and got started on the gables. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. Like I said, it was involved. And believe me, I checked on him frequently to make sure it was being done correctly. They had to remove soffit and fascia, brace the overhang with 2X6s, replace the soffit and fascia, and ultimately make sure the fasteners actually attached the now hidden bracing. Additionally, they found a bit of fascia that had come loose at the back of the house all the way at the peak that I hadn’t noticed and fixed it for free. Oh and they got out their leaf blower and cleaned my driveway.

I bought them pizza for lunch and tipped the bleep out of them when the job was done. Fantastic experience start to finish. We highly recommend them.

Jon Ricchiuti
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