Robyn Cavender

Our roof had long been in need of replacing. We’d had it done in the past, but got scammed by a fly-by-night company that evaporated (and probably set up shop somewhere else) after doing enough work to make it look good, but not enough to actually fix the roof.
When we had the money to try again, we were looking for a metal roof and selected GoTo Roofing. There aren’t a lot of companies that do metal roofs in our area but GoTo was on top of it from day one. First, they called us back in a timely manner (more of a hurdle than you’d think), then had their sales staff on-site to explain what they could do and how much it would cost.
It came in a little over the estimate, but that was expected. The previous company left a tremendous mess. Even with the extra work though, GoTo’s crew got the job done only a little behind schedule and with solid, quality work.
I should share a little mishap from the process. We had a rainstorm during the construction and the roof leaked. I called GoTo roofing and the owner was out that night. He patched the hole in the roof and completely re-did the ceiling where the water had damaged it. Sometimes things happen. The real measure of a company is the lengths they go to to make it right again.

Robyn Cavender
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