Why It’s Important to Always Hire a Professional Roofer

Although it may sound tempting, doing important repairs on your own is risky and dangerous. Even though roofs are designed to protect and last you decades, roofs will naturally degrade whether it be from sunlight, snow, rain, hail, or even debris. You may be wondering, if you can’t repair a roof on your own, should you contact a general contractor, someone you know, or a roofing professional? General contractors tend to have basic knowledge of all areas of construction, including roofing. They may be of help, however, they won’t fully understand the scope of roofing or what is needed for a roof repair.  There is also a risk of hiring a technician that will cut corners which may lead to bigger problems down the line.

Why A Professional Roofer?

General contractors are great when it comes to roof inspections and potential maintenance for the future. Hiring a roofing contractor is your best bet because it is their niche. Roofing contractors are trained and certified, meaning they will save you time and money! A professional roofer, such as GoToRoofing, will be up to date on roofing complexities, troubleshooting issues, and will provide high-quality work. Although many homeowners believe roofers aren’t necessary and prefer to have a family member or friend tackle the issue, hiring a professional is the safest and smartest route.
Additionally, roof repairs are always a risky job. The lesser risk is drama.  The next level of risk is the potential for leaks, wind damage, and other harm to your home due to substandard work resulting from inexperience. The greatest risk is physical harm to you or your helpers. If someone gets injured, they may be unable to continue with their job or other responsibilities and you may be legally and financially liable.

Additional Reasons:

  • is fast and efficient because he has the right tools, properly maintained (such as nail guns maintained at the proper pressure to prevent popping holes in shingles).
  • does the same thing every day, so he understands what different situations require. Therefore, he knows what will leak and what won’t.
  • protects himself, his workers, and you by being bonded and insured.
  • knows local building codes, regulations, and laws. He’ll ensure your roof passes inspection.
  • is financially responsible. He has the reserves to buy materials for your job. He won’t require pre-payments to pay off materials or workers from the last job. (How do you know if a roofer is financially responsible? This can require checking references and other steps. But for a quick, first assessment, look at his vehicles. Are they properly maintained? Chances are he isn’t going to take good care of your home if he doesn’t take good care of his equipment.)
  • gets the roof on straight. With “dimensional” tiles, this may not be as obvious to the naked eye as with traditional tiles, but it’s just as important so that you don’t end up with shingles that don’t seal properly, or exposed nail heads (a potential leak risk), or invalidated manufacturers’ wind warranties.
  • will keep your place clean and protected during the job. The average roof has some 8,000 nails per layer. A professional will protect your flowerbeds and decks with tarps and will sweep the area with magnets after removing the tarps.

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