Shining a Light on Window Replacement

Windows provide many benefits to a home, including light, air, and architectural beauty. There are two main reasons to replace your windows: to improve their function—their ease of use, security, or insulation—and to improve your home’s appearance inside and out. Whatever your reasons, you must make several key decisions when you replace your windows. Read on for the basic decision points and to learn more about our window replacement special.

Choose a Window Insert or a Complete Window Replacement

The easiest and most common way to replace a window is to remove only the window, not the frame, then insert a new, slightly smaller window and frame into the opening. Some manufacturers make replacement windows with narrow frames to minimize the loss of light.
A less common replacement method (because it is more involved, and therefore more expensive) is to remove the frame as well and install an identical size window and frame in its place. It’s also possible, of course, to expand the existing hole to install a larger window/frame combination, or to create a new hole in a wall and add a window where there wasn’t one before. GoTo Roofing is experienced with all of these. 

Choose a Window Style

Windows come in many styles.

  • Hung or “sash” windows have panels that slide up and down to open the window.
  • Slider windows’ panels slide from side to side.
  • Casement windows are hinged on one side to swing in or out of the building or room.
  • Awning windows are like casement windows but are hinged at the top.
  • Picture windows are stationary and don’t open at all.
  • Transom windows, narrow windows above a door or above another window, can be stationary or moveable (usually hinged).
  • Bay, bow, and box windows protrude from the side of a building and may be combined with stationary and moveable (casement, slider, or hung) windows.
  • Skylight windows are built into a roof and can be stationary or moveable.
  • Louvered windows consist of glass slats mounted horizontally, one above the other, that pivot to admit more or less air or light. (They’re not practical in Michigan, of course, except perhaps in seasonal greenhouses.)

GoTo Roofing can install or replace any of these styles. Call us today for a free inspection and estimate.

Choose a Window Color and Finish

Most manufacturers of residential windows in the U.S. produce windows with traditional white or natural wood frames and trim because they fit well in nearly any decorating scheme. Bronze trim has also been popular for many years, especially in commercial buildings.
Today, a few manufacturers offer a wide variety of color and finish options. GoTo Roofing can provide you with window selections in colors and finishes to match almost any decorating color palette. 

Choosing Your Window Installer

You might think the most important decision in your window replacement project is your choice of a manufacturer, but that is not true. Actually, the most important decision is who you choose to install your new windows.
Because a qualified, experienced installer can help you choose and obtain the products that best fit your needs. You want someone who is experienced, qualified, and local, so that they can respond quickly and knowledgeably if any questions or problems arise.
GoTo Roofing is qualified to replace any window in your home. We are authorized installers for multiple manufacturers, which means we are able to make product recommendations based on your needs, not on sales quotas. The homeowner’s need is what determines the brand that we will use. We have no hidden agendas that dictate this.
We complete most window installation projects in a single day to minimize disruption to your life and work. Even if you need the work done in the winter, don’t worry! We’ll do it one window at a time so that your house or business remains functional during the process!
Contact us today for a free consultation.  Need financing?


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