Why Are Gutters Important

The first thing you might think of when you see rainfall is that you want to stay dry.  You should have that same thought for your home.  When it rains, most people might worry about a leaking roof or pooling water in the yard; however, many more severe issues can occur with heavy rainfall if gutters are not present.
Soil erosion is a natural process that affects your home and all landforms.  The topsoil starts wearing away by water, wind, or through forces associated with farming activities like tillage.  This is important to avoid because you can lose the vegetation and trees on your property.  Soil erosion can also cause slope instability and weaken your home’s foundation.  
Did you know that heavy rain can also cause the foundation of your home to swell? This leads to uneven floors and cracked walls and chimneys. The heavy rain causes the soil around and under the foundation to swell during the rainfall, but if a drought follows the heavy rain, the soil shrinks and leaves a chasm that the foundation sinks into. A simple preventative measure is by having reliable gutters.
Gutters have one job, and that is to divert water away from your home.  Rain gutters perform an essential function, yet most of the time, people forget that the rain gutters are even there.  Rain gutters are a protective tool for your landscaping and the foundation of your home.  Gutters are also a crucial preventative measure to protect your home from potential basement flooding, soil erosion, exterior home staining, mitigate paint damage, and possible mold and mildew growth.  
Don’t forget that your gutters matter!  Well-designed and properly installed gutters help protect your home…from the top of the roof down to the foundation and everything in between!   Whether you need new gutters as part of your water leak repair, roof replacement, or as a stand alone project, GoTo Roofing is your “go to” source for high-quality materials, workmanship, and service. 
If you need a home roof leak repair, new gutters, insulation, and ventilation, Call GoTo Roofing to receive your free estimate today and hire your favorite roof leak contractors!

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