Roofing Repairs

The Low Down on Roof Leaks

There are a number of reasons that a roof leaks. You can probably guess that a roof leak is more likely to occur the older the shingles are. Did you know that poor insulation and improper ventilation are also two leading causes of leaks and roof deterioration? Even if you had the best quality shingles […]

Tips for Choosing the Proper Roofing Contractor for Roof Replacements and Repairs in Ann Arbor

Choose the Right Roofing Contractor If you are a homeowner looking for roofing replacement or repair services within your budget, turn to GoTo Roofing. Here at GoTo Roofing, we provide quality work to get your roof replaced or repaired in no time. We are trustworthy and honest in what we do with many reviews to […]

Why It’s Important to Always Hire a Professional Roofer

Although it may sound tempting, doing important repairs on your own is risky and dangerous. Even though roofs are designed to protect and last you decades, roofs will naturally degrade whether it be from sunlight, snow, rain, hail, or even debris. You may be wondering, if you can’t repair a roof on your own, should […]

Don’t Find Yourself with a Leaky Roof this Winter

Don’t Find Yourself with a Leaky Roof this Winter As you do your routine maintenance this month (cleaning gutters, removing leaf and twig debris, cutting back trees overhanging your roof), look for any signs that you may need roof repairs or a new roof. Here are some winter warning signs that should prompt you to […]

Roof Damage: Repair or Replace?

You know your roof is damaged. You’ve seen water spots on your interior walls or ceiling. Or you may have noticed some outside damage, such as raised shingles or soft spots on the roof. How do you know whether to repair or replace your roof? That depends on the kind of damage, of course. Though […]

Roof Damage: Spring Warning Signs

Spring weather has finally arrived in Southeast Michigan! It’s time to check your home for the warning signs of roof damage that may have begun over the winter. What should you look for? GoTo Roofing’s Scott Guthre says, “Lifted shingles, lots of granules, and soft areas are your roof’s way of saying, ‘Get some repair!’” […]