Tips All Home Owners Should Know Before Filing An Insurance Claim

Tips All Home Owners Should Know Before Filing An Insurance Claim You knew it was going to happen eventually. A big storm rolled through and now you have roof damage to deal with. Whether you have leaks that are getting worse or visible damage that could lead to leaking, you need your roof damage addressed […]

Reality Check: Avoid Gimmicky Roofing Advertising

Spring is coming! That means ads for roofing replacement services are coming, too! After a Michigan winter with lots of snow, a lot of roofs need repair or replacement and, naturally, we roofers want to be the one to get your business. So, it’s time for a pre-emptive reality check about advertising claims. Some roofing […]

Financing Your Roof Repair or Replacement: Don’t Let Cost Scare You

OK, we admit it. Paying for a new roof is not most people’s idea of having a good time. At GoTo Roofing, we like our work. But we know from experience that most folks would rather be doing something other than having their roof replaced. But we also know from experience that putting off a […]

Buying or Selling a Home? Don’t Forget the Roof!

When you’re buying or selling a home it is easy to overlook the condition of your roof. Don’t make that mistake! The roof is one of your home’s most important features, your “first line of defense” against the elements. A healthy roof makes for a more attractive and longer-lasting home. When you’re selling If you […]

Serving Our Community Alongside Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is well known for its work internationally building safe and secure homes. The non-profit’s vision is of a world where everyone has a decent place to live. They work toward this goal by building and improving homes in partnership with local volunteers and businesses. GoTo Roofing is glad to be part of […]

Don’t Find Yourself with a Leaky Roof this Winter

Don’t Find Yourself with a Leaky Roof this Winter As you do your routine maintenance this month (cleaning gutters, removing leaf and twig debris, cutting back trees overhanging your roof), look for any signs that you may need roof repairs or a new roof. Here are some winter warning signs that should prompt you to […]

Roof Damage: Repair or Replace?

You know your roof is damaged. You’ve seen water spots on your interior walls or ceiling. Or you may have noticed some outside damage, such as raised shingles or soft spots on the roof. How do you know whether to repair or replace your roof? That depends on the kind of damage, of course. Though […]

5 Telltale Signs of a Leaky Roof

A leaky roof and water damage If you saw a house with gutters sagging, water running down the siding outside, and stains on the ceilings inside, you’d know there was trouble under that roof. But what if you’re already living in the house, and you don’t keep your eyes open for the signs of a […]

When and Why You Should Consider Hiring a Professional Roofer

Hiring a professional roofer may not seem necessary to many homeowners. “Roofing isn’t rocket science,” Homeowner Harry said to himself. “I can do this myself and save some money. Maybe I’ll get Uncle Joey or the high schooler next door to help.” Roofing may not be rocket science, but it’s not child’s play either, and […]